Safety at Lochmaddy Marina

Boating is an amazing experience that so many of us are lucky enough to enjoy. Our intention here in Lochmaddy Marina is that you do this in a safe environment, but to ensure that, we all have to play our part and utilise safe practices and good boatmanship.

The following information is designed to help you to help us by being aware of the marina terms and conditions and some common sense practices such as maintaining a maximum speed of 5 knots, both within the marina – and within 100 metres of the marina.

At the same time our full expectation is that you and your crew wear lifejackets when on the pontoons. New pontoon ladders and fire extinguishers have been installed and we ask that they are not tampered with, so that in the unfortunate event of them being needed, they are available for their intended use.

Each of us has a responsibility to ensure that we all observe these simple safety measures, whilst also being aware of our terms and conditions; remember the speed limit in and around the marina, as shown below, whilst also having a great time as a result!