Pier Works

The ongoing pier works have transformed the way the marina looks, gone is the ‘bridge’ leaving a single walkway down to the marina, with significantly more rock armour being in place. As some land has been recovered there is now a new location for the marina office (yes we will have one in 2023!!) and the original toilet block has been restored, however this will not be open before April 10th 2023.

On a positive note, the infrastructure that we will soon have (office, fence, gate to be installed) will make the marina safer, more secure and allow us to add features such as WiFI and CCTV and a proper base for admin and marina technicians to operate from. The next two weeks will be hectic as we gain all of the above. Post the covid period and the pier works, we look forward to getting back to normal, but also beginning to incrementally improve and we look forward to welcoming back friends both old and new.